César Sierra

César Sierra

Puerto Rican and a little cocky about it, César Sierra is a freelance brand and identity designer based in Portland, Oregon. They're hooked on stories and the near-synesthetic experience of a telling them with colors, image, composition, type, and copy. If you’ve got a story, or have one that’s needing one to be told, let’s partner together to make it all come true!

César has been branding since they were too young to work at their father’s print shop in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The 90’s brought a turn in business from printing wedding invitations and catalogues to “hey can you make me a logo?” They drew, their dad printed, and together they both took turns brushing Atlantic sea salt from the tops of printing machines.

From there, they cut their teeth on zine layouts before moving onto logo and brand. These days, they've found their calling in the realization that brands can come in all shapes and sizes - but the stories behind the brand (and most importantly, the people that have made it) are unique to the point of reverence.

If stories are divine, branding is how they worship them.

Beyond pixels and the smell of a brand new pack of paper, they also love they and their partner's three cats, travel, stargazing, charcoals, and percussion instruments.