Rachel Frankel

Rachel Frankel

Rachel Frankel is an award-winning brand designer, illustrator, published author, and musician based in the deep SE heart of Portland, Oregon. She is passionate about crafting identities for brands worth believing in.

Rachel isa multidisciplinary creative with over a decade of industry experience, including advertising, tech, retail and startup sectors. Over the years, she's honed a high level of creative versatility across varied design disciplines. Thanks to the lattice-like movement of her career, she's comfortable designing for nearly every type of brand touch point (digital, print, mobile, social, video) with particular specialties in brand identity design and illustration. Her creative process is driven foremost by empathy, listening, unabashed iteration and exploration, and enthusiastic collaboration, with a side helping of humor along the way.

Her foundation in illustration and analogue art-making has paved the way for me to execute everything from detailed portraiture and thoughtful editorial imagery to vector graphics, custom type and logo design, and even a bit of animation. Variety has been a constant in her career, and always keeps her motivated and excited about what she does. Currently, Rachel is happily stationed as a senior brand designer on the Identity team at Zendesk.

Outside of her design work, Rachel writes and plays music in the band Phosphene along with her husband, Matt. Their fourth album, Transmute, was released in September 2023.