Brendan Mulligan

Brendan Mulligan

Brendan Mulligan is an illustrator and graphic designer working in Portland, OR. He graduated from Portland State with a degree in graphic design in 2014, and has been working at Nike ever since. He bounced around in the company from Global Football designing soccer kits, to college basketball, designing tees and uniforms, to where he is now designing tees full time.

When he was a teenager he fell in love with the art of the spray can and that was his first education on letters and characters. Through his college years he worked as a chalkboard artist at Trader Joe’s, another informal education into color, signage, and retail design. He is an illustrator and artist first, with skills in graphic design. His love of letters, characters, and color brings life and flavor to any project.

His interests are evident in his work. He can get lost in a record store collecting VHS, or rewatch any 80’s coming of age movie involving magic. The first fantasy book he read was Lord of the Rings, and he's been chasing the dragon ever since. If it’s not fantasy, it’s food, traveling the city always searching for the next best Pho spot. While driving he'll be bumping some 90’s rap, because his love for hiphop will always be there.