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“Did I Do That?” is a conversation-style podcast with professionals working in graphic design about making what it's actual like to design, talking through mistakes that successful folx doing creative work have struggled through at various points in their careers, and how they came to overcome those mistakes and even grow to laugh about them.

“Did I Do That?” tries to be both a gateway to the more joyful and silly sides of the field for those who might have no experience with it, and provide an antidote to the gatekeeping and perfectionism that can make the field seem imposing to those new to it.

The host

Sean Schumacher

Sean Schumacher (he/they) is a graphic design communicator and educator whose research focus is in increasing public access to design-focused media. Their show, “Did I Do That?”, is a conversational design podcast about iterating through failure while still being able to laugh about it. As a practicing designer, Sean has specialized in creating projects for artists and arts institutions for over a decade, including several years working on Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s internationally-recognized Time-Based Art Festival. Sean has presented research at the UCDA Design Educators Summit, the International Conference on Design Principles & Practices, and the Open Engagement Conference.

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, Sean has lived in Portland, Oregon since 2010. They serve as an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design with the PSUGD program in the Portland State University School of Art + Design.

A photo of Sean Schumacher with a mustache sitting behind a computer in the studio. Photo by Ethan Allen Smith.

Interested in guesting?

I would love to have you in the studio, located in downtown Portland on the campus of Portland State University. Dig out your best and strangest stories, and maybe a piece of work or two from your past that you'd be okay laughing about, and reach out over email using the link below.

Please note: The show’s current format doesn’t really work well with tape sync or Zoom remote recordings. I’m a firm believer that it is fundamentally a different kind of conversation that comes from being in the same room as another person. If you’ll be in the area or will be somewhere Sean is visiting in the near future (Vancouver BC; Seattle WA; Bend OR), we can probably work out something local to you, though! You can also reach out to get on the shortlist for the next time I travel!

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