The Horse Scrambler (with Nishat Akhtar) [Rerun]The Horse Scrambler (with Nishat Akhtar) [Rerun]

The Horse Scrambler

Nishat Akhtar

We're taking a few weeks off before the start of season 3 and revisiting some past favorites while we do! Illustrator, designer, educator, and all around cool person Nishat Akhtar (VP of Creative at Instrument) joined Sean in spring 2022 to talk Charles Barkley’s shrimp mistakes, ranking the Four Seasons, and young Sean’s excitement at the possibility of standing on a JPEG. Why not listen? It’s there if you want it!

You can find Nishat’s work at, @nishat on Instagram (where you can also see Mr. Charles Barkley himself), or on Twitter @nishatsays.

This episode was recorded on April 9, 2022 and originally posted on May 5, 2022.

Mar 24, 2023