Worth a Shot (with Mel Larsen Gutierrez)Worth a Shot (with Mel Larsen Gutierrez)

Worth a Shot

Mel Larsen Gutierrez

Mel Larsen Gutierrez (Art Director at the Oregon State Parks & Recreation Department) joins Sean to talk Mr. Sketch, the Man in the Yellow Hat’s job, and The Rachel (or The Rachael?).

You can find Mel on the internet over at melerrez.com, where you can see some most of the work we talked about in this episode. Mel can also be found on the ‘gram at @melerrez as well. Too, if you want to see Mel’s awesome illustrated timeline, that can be found on the episode’s page at dididothat.design!

This episode was recorded Friday, April 12, 2024 in the Rat’s Nest. Though I forgot to shout him out in the outro, this episode was also edited by the great Orion Cortez! Thanks, Orion!

If you are hearing this as it comes out and are in the Portland area, please come out to Be Honest on Saturday May 4, 2023! Be Honest is PSUGD’s annual student portfolio showcase, which I help organize with Kate Bingaman-Burt! It’s a really exciting time, and we get to take over three floors of Wieden+Kennedy for design work, hijinks, and good times. You can find out more about it at psu.gd/behonest or @psugd_behonest on the ‘gram!

May 2, 2024