Pay Me to Get Weird (with Calvin Ross Carl)Pay Me to Get Weird (with Calvin Ross Carl)

Pay Me to Get Weird

Calvin Ross Carl

We do it for the love! Calvin Ross Carl (Creative Director at Parliament) joins Sean to talk about Allen Ludden’s followers, watching the old ways of web design disappear, and drinking hot dog water—finally a platform we can get behind!

You can find Calvin’s work all over the ‘net—despite his strong luddite leanings! You can see work from the full spectrum of his career on his website (, and you can give him a follow on Instagram (@calvinrosscarl) to see what he’s been working on lately.

This episode was recorded on Sunday, April 7, 2024 in the Rat’s Nest. This episode was edited for the first time not by me, but instead by the great Orion Cortez! Thanks, Orion!

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Apr 18, 2024