Jazz It Up and Make It Pop! (with David DaCosta)Jazz It Up and Make It Pop! (with David DaCosta)

Jazz It Up and Make It Pop!

David DaCosta

Wake your partner up at 2 in the morning, because it’s all been building to this—our season 4 finale! David DaCosta (designer, illustrator, and writer of both Jokey Jokes: A Collection of Illustrated Dad Jokes and the new Jokier Jokes: Another Illustrated Collection of Dad Jokes) joins Sean to talk rock and roll accounting, the circular file, and the problem of having Too Much Good(?) Stuff.

  • You can find and order Jokey Jokes, the new Jokier Jokes, and all of the Jokey Jokes Merchy Merch (including the gorgeous Dad Jokes hat) at jokeyjokes.com! The books are gorgeous and the merch is great! Pick up one for a kid or a dad joke lover in your life!
  • You can find David’s other work on the web at therealdacosta.com or on the ‘gram at @dacostadraws!
  • If you’re intrigued by David’s work on Snack Watch, his vending machine news and reviews blog from his magazine days, good news! He was kind enough to share the final issue here—drop in some quarters and remember the days when Lay’s was courageous enough to think anyone at all wanted cheesy garlic bread flavored chips.

This episode’s cold open included clips from our episodes with Kristin Rogers Brown and Emily Tate; you can hear the full conversations, which are chock full of more mascot chat, in our back catalog. That segment also featured the song “Action Strike,” written and performed by Rafael Krux and distributed under a CC0 license.

This episode was recorded Saturday, April 27, 2024 in the Rat’s Nest, which I am beginning to think is less an office and more a locus at which the earth’s EM radiation is focused to a fine and impossible-to-filter point. Thanks, 1920s architects and 1950s electricians, for your fine work on this monument to buzzing. I only hope not too much of it made it to air, but if you can hear it, I apologize—I did my best!

This episode was once again guest edited by the great Orion Cortez; I couldn’t have done this season without him!

May 30, 2024