Not Quite A Number (with Elliott Snyder)Not Quite A Number (with Elliott Snyder)

Not Quite A Number

Elliott Snyder

Let’s all have a good time! Did I Do That? is back for season 3! Elliott Snyder of Old Friend joins Sean to talk unique approaches to #vanlife, Portland’s always pleasant winter weather, and what ChatGPT thinks wine bars are for. You’ll find your spot, it’s all we’ve got!

  • You can find Elliott and Jesse’s often hospitality-oriented branding studio Old Friend at their website,, or on Instagram @oldfriend!
  • Speaking of hospitality, Elliott and Jesse’s wine bar Company is going strong! If you’re in Portland, you can pop by at 916 SE 34th Avenue (just off Belmont across from Stumptown), or check them out on the web at or on Instagram @companypdx. They even have a unique wine club subscription service to help you look like a wine expert to your friends (just don’t go too deep on it or you may have to move to Seattle, where you’ll host a bizarrely successful and high paying call-in psychiatry show on local terrestrial radio—worse still, you will unfortunately have to also live with your dad and his ABSOLUTELY VILE old chair, which totally ruins the aesthetics of your vaguely post-modern mission-style high rise apartment. Who can enjoy their ‘92 Pouilly-Fuissé with that eyesore in the room! And don’t even get me started about how your nearly-identical brother will be constantly flirting with your dad’s live-in nurse! Talk about a bunch of scrambled eggs all over your face! So, basically, be careful learning about wine).
  • You can find Elliott’s own Instagram, including the aforementioned farm content, @elliottsnyder.

This episode was recorded Saturday, February 18, 2023. That was a long time ago, but it does also feel like February lasted until about 2 weeks ago.

Jun 1, 2023