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Vida Jurcic

Batten down the hatches, mateys! Vida Jurcic (Founder of Hangar 18 and instructor at the IDEA School of Design at Capilano University) joins Sean to talk about her brushes with Arnold, the dangers of Dinosaur Park, and what models do in their spare time.

You can find Vida’s studio, Hangar 18 Design Continuum, at h18.com, and Vida herself on LinkedIn! Vida also teaches at Capilano University’s IDEA School of Design—their student work is tremendous, and you can see it (and more of Vida’s writing) at ideaschoolofdesign.com.

This episode was recorded adjacent to the offices of Hangar 18 in Gastown, Vancouver, BC on August 15, 2022. Special thanks to the guy who came in to make and eat his lunch without saying anything while we were recording: may we all bring that level of confident indifference to the stuff that stands in the way of our happiness into the future. You do you, friend!

About the guest

Vida Jurcic RGD is a founding partner and Co-Creative Director of Hangar 18 Design Continuum, an award-winning Vancouver design and branding firm with a legacy of strategic solutions spanning two decades. She has been an in-house art director/designer at the Hudson’s Bay Company and Woodwards Department Stores, as well as working at various advertising agencies, including DDB and BBDO prior to H18. She has judged many regional and national design competitions and sat on scholarship juries including the BC Arts Council. In addition, Vida currently teaches at the IDEA School of Design, Capilano University, and has taught at Vancouver Film School and Langara in the past. She is an avid design history buff and part-time musician/Morris dancer.

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