Feed Drop: Two Designers Walk Into a BarFeed Drop: Two Designers Walk Into a Bar

Feed Drop: Two Designers Walk Into a Bar

To close out our season break, I wanted to share one last feed drop! The creators of Two Designers Walk Into A Bar reached out a few weeks back to connect as fellow creators of media about design that doesn't take design too seriously. They make a really fun show, and this episode comes from the end of their third season covering a subject my students have heard me talk about many times: one of the most financially catastrophic packaging redesigns in history. It's a really wonderful show—give it a listen and then give them a follow! You can find them on whatever podcasting platform you like, as well as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, X, and LinkedIn!

Two Designers Walk Into a Bar, Episode 50: The Pepsi (Logo) Challenge

Pepsi announced it’s moving forward by moving backwards (sort of), returning to more of a traditional look for their logo and cans. (Think black. It's a slimming color.) But as they kick their last logo to the curb, we go back in time to discuss how they became saddled with this burdensome brand look in the first place. We talk ovals, smiles, globes, magnetic fields and cosmic forces of the universe in this special breathtaking and scientifically-tangential episode.

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This episode was originally published June 7, 2023.

General Podcast Info:

Two Designers Walk Into a Bar is a podcast about iconic design and popular culture.

Hosted by graphic designers and collectors Todd Coats and Elliot Strunk, the podcast is constantly looking at pop culture and thinking about how it influences us and what we do for a living. Starting with a theme, we choose iconic work that we find meaningful and use humor and insight to break it down, turn it inside out and try to understand why it has stood the test of time.

Two Designers Walk Into a Bar encourages listeners to dive into their libraries, mini storage units or memories with us.

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