Arnold’s Chunky Stuff (with Nicholas Adenau)Arnold’s Chunky Stuff (with Nicholas Adenau)

Arnold’s Chunky Stuff

Nicholas Adenau

We’re closing out Did I Do That?’s second season with all the pomp and circumstance that you can get on sale at WinCo! Nicholas Adenau of Nicholas Is Content rejoins Sean to talk vintage TikTok sounds, lesser known Village People, and the 2023 Did I Do That? Packaging Awards Spectacular: which design will emerge to be the show’s official Arizona Iced Tea Can of 2023?

  • You can find Nic’s new consulting business Nicholas is Content at on the web or @nicholasiscontent on Instagram or TikTok!
  • Since we recorded, the Meme Brah account has been discontinued, but you can still visit it on TikTok @memebrah to see some of the joke trains in action. They're lots of fun!
  • Nic was our season two finale guest, and you can listen to Nic’s previous episode “Gundam Style” back at episode 15 in your podcast player of choice, or on our website!
  • Do you, for some reason, want to learn more about Arnold Palmer’s good works in the field of beverage sciences? Send an email to and tell them Did I Do That? sent you.

This episode was recorded Saturday, February 4, 2023 in downtown Portland, Oregon. This will be our season two finale—we'll be back in May with new episodes, but will have things for you to listen to every other Thursday until then!

Mar 9, 2023