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Nic Adenau

It’s the season one finale of Did I Do That? and we are not throwing away our shot on this one! Meme curator and design leader Nic Adenau (AKA Nic A of TikTok’s Lofi Art School) joins Sean to talk Sha Na Na, Jackass’ leadership lessons, and the sketchiest way to send a $30,000 chain when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.

About the guest

Nic Adenau seeks to bring clarity between the human-technology relationship. 🤝 He does this through design. 🎨 Beyond just generating pixels on a screen, his practice emphasizes the measurement of time. 🕰 He sets an intention to apply the fundamental concepts of time and movement to all aspects of the craft. 🔁 People’s lives revolve around time and their daily design interactions should too.

Nic is currently a freelance Design Director located in Portland, Oregon. 🌹 He primarily focuses on user experience, storytelling, and digital marketing. A highlight of his experience is founding the Visual Craft Studio at the digital agency, Instrument. ✏️ His list of collaborators and clients includes Nike, Converse, Rick Owens, Adidas, Dropbox, Google, Facebook, Sonos, and Patagonia.

An essential ethos that drives his work is to make digital practices more accessible to the design industry. 💻 Simultaneously, he aims to reduce barriers to entry into the craft. I spend my free time mentoring young designers. He is also an Adjunct Professor for the Art + Design program at Portland State University. 🍏

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