Agents of Chaos (with Kate Carter) [rerun]Agents of Chaos (with Kate Carter) [rerun]

Agents of Chaos [rerun]

Kate Carter

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We're also turning back the clock to season 2 for one of Sean's favorite episodes! Kate Carter (founder and creative director of Saint Friend) joined Sean way back in 2022 to talk about the heated rivalries between niche dog enthusiast magazines, the parts of the phone that art directors DON’T want you to see, and how to visit a mausoleum on hard mode.

You can find Kate’s work with Saint Friend on the studio’s website,, or on Instagram @saint_friend. Kate, Nick, and the whole team at Saint Friend do some of the best, most joyful branding work out there, and that team brimming with some of PSUGD’s best and brightest alums to boot. Check them out!

This episode was recorded on Saturday, November 5, 2022 on the campus of Portland State University.

Jun 27, 2024
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