Several circa 1998 iMacs surrounding the word "Yum."
A showroom containing a convertible car covered in chrome on every surface.
The box for the "SHAQ Egg Maker," a product that appears to be a parking garage for eggs.
Whoops! There should probably be something here!
Jordan Rosenblum

Jordan Rosenblum (visual designer/educator/socially engaged artist) joins Sean to talk blobby blue friends, a whole lot of chrome, and The Egg Space. Sean, meanwhile, spends a solid five minutes talking about a plastic skeleton in an apron at a business he never goes to! It’s the episode that finally diagrams it out for everybody who’s been dying to know: culture is where the RAM slot is and psycholinguistics is the foot.

Editor’s note: much like an actual Michael Bay film not in app form, this episode suffers from a bit of overzealous editing. I switched between two different DAWs (digital audio workstations) for this one and they HATED each other, so apologies if there’s some sound clipping and level mismatches here and there. Learn from my mistakes!

About the guest

Jordan Rosenblum works as a socially engaged artist, designer, and educator, who creates workshops, installations, and publications. His recent projects question how people understand history, the role that design plays in interpreting our environments, and cultural differences in the way we relate to time. Jordan’s educational work is engaged in how arts education and contemplative practices inform other disciplines.

He teaches at Portland State University, works as a visual designer, and co-directs the RECESS! Design Studio (in affiliation with the King School Museum of Contemporary Art)—an artist project that explores the power of design with elementary school students. He received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA from Portland State University's Art and Social Practice program. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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