You Seem Competent (with Andy McMillan)You Seem Competent (with Andy McMillan)

You Seem Competent

Andy McMillan

Our fun, weird guest Andy McMillan of XOXO, Suckerpunch, and Heck Beer joins Sean for several different kinds of incredible niche podcasts all wrapped into one episode to talk about what’s next in tech, the parts of a balanced breakfast, and the terrible things you might find lurking in the forest. It’s the episode where unbridled enthusiasm meets lowered expectations!

  • Andy can be found these days at, or turning LinkedIn into the weird, wild place it was never meant to be at Give LinkedIn a chance, won’t you?
  • You can find more about Heck, Andy’s new non-alcoholic craft beer, at Sign up for their newsletter there to be notified when tasting pop-ups pop up!

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This episode was recorded Sunday, July 9, 2023.

Jul 13, 2023