The Surreal World (with Lee-Sean Huang)The Surreal World (with Lee-Sean Huang)

The Surreal World

Lee-Sean Huang

Those tossed salads and scrambled eggs must be calling again, because Did I Do That? is in Seattle for the AIGA Design Conference! Lee-Sean Huang (Creative Director of Foossa and Director of Design Content & Learning at AIGA) joins Sean to talk dialup conspiracies, leveraging the combined might of the Center for Academic Precocity and the Cronkite School of Journalism to make a reality show, and what business people think about.

You can find more about Lee-Sean at his website,, or follow him nearly anywhere social by searching for the handle @leesean. You can find the Lee-Sean's podcasting work with the at, or by searching for "AIGA Design Podcasts" wherever you prefer your pod-based experiences are found. You can learn more about Foossa’s work in service design, futurecasting, and more at

This episode was recorded at the 2022 AIGA Design Conference in Seattle, Washington on Saturday, October 22, 2022.

Nov 17, 2022