Quivering Filthy Jamboree (with Dan Rhatigan)Quivering Filthy Jamboree (with Dan Rhatigan)

Quivering Filthy Jamboree

Dan Rhatigan

To close out 2022 and usher in 2023, we’re calling in The Fixer! “Logotype surgeon” and type designer Dan Rhatigan (Director of Type Products at Type Network) sits down with Sean to talk about failing successfully, gifts from fast food heaven, and not quite getting to act with Gwyneth Paltrow in a high school musical.

You can find Dan’s work all over the internet—his blog is at ultrasparky.org, and he can be found @ultrasparky on Twitter and @bijoutype on Instagram. Speaking of the latter, his foundry Bijou Type (bijoutype.com) should be up an d running soon with an update of Dan’s beautiful graduate school typeface project you can add to your own type collection. His fantastic Pink Mince zine series can be found and purchased at pinkmince.com and @pinkmince on Twitter.

This episode was recorded Tuesday, December 20, 2022 in Portland, Oregon.

Jan 12, 2023