Plastic Heaven (with Olivia Johnson)Plastic Heaven (with Olivia Johnson)

Plastic Heaven

Olivia Johnson

See the sparks fly as digital designer and artist Olivia Johnson (Associate Design Director at Instrument) joins Sean to talk challenging Barbies, Neopets Black Friday, and what Elvis has been up to. Meanwhile, Sean and Nathan Fielder temporarily switch bodies, resulting in a layer of such dripping sarcasm that you won’t be able to tell what isn’t coated in it. Get some sleep folks, or you too might turn into Nathan Fielder (and who has time to graduate from one of Canada’s top business schools with really good grades?).

  • You can find Olivia’s work on the web at, or on Instagram Olivia recently separated her handcrafted data viz work onto its own Instagram @handcharted.
  • If you want to learn how to make your own textile-based data visualizations, Olivia’s self-paced online course “Data Visualization with Alternative Mediums” is available for $40 (or, for the next few hours, the highly discounted price of $7.99!). Too, if textile work is new to you, the course also includes an introduction to cross-stitch! Give it a download!
Jul 27, 2023