My Jason Mraz Era (with Rico Macias-Zepeda)My Jason Mraz Era (with Rico Macias-Zepeda)

My Jason Mraz Era

Rico Macias-Zepeda

‘Tis the season! Freelance art director and former student Rico Macias-Zepeda joins Sean to talk sleepy running shoes, fedora iterations, and the second JNCOming.

  • You can find Rico’s work in lots of places, including on the web and @rico.something on the ‘gram. Rico does amazing stuff from activations to illustration to brand work, and is just all around awesome!
  • Rico is also an alum of the Portland State University course that Sean, past guest Kate Bingaman-Burt, and fellow alum Ciera Tague co-teach called A+D Projects—you can find out more about it at and see Rico’s issue of Annex archived at!

This episode was recorded Sunday, January 22, 2023 in Portland, Oregon.

Feb 9, 2023