Mr New Potato Design (with Joshua Berger)Mr New Potato Design (with Joshua Berger)

Mr New Potato Design

Joshua Berger

Today’s your lucky day! Portland design legend Josh Berger of Plazm joins Sean to talk Jello’s good advice, elevation-related nicknames, and why you should always keep your receipt when you buy a “gently used” Xerox machine from the State of Oregon.

You can find Josh’s work online at, or on Twitter at @joshua_berger. You can find a recording of Josh’s talk, “How I Broke My Brain and Changed My Mind,” on his website or on the Hand-Eye Supply YouTube channel.

Check out to see the work from across Plazm’s wide-ranging portfolio, and you can even pick up some back issues of the magazine there. If you want to see some of the pieces described in this episode, or just want to dive into some of the design and editorial context around the magazine, visit

Special thanks to Marti Clemmons and the team at Portland State University Library’s Special Collections and University Archives their support in the production of this episode. You can find most of the pieces Josh described in their collection, along with tons of other cool, rare works from Portland’s art and design scenes.

This episode was recorded at the Portland State University Art Building on Friday, September 30, 2022.

Oct 20, 2022