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Lizy Gershenzon

Did I Do That? is 10 episodes old! Future Fonts co-founder and all around rad person Lizy Gershenzon joins Sean to talk pieces of flair, the opposite of missed connections, and The Rainbow Passage. We’re going back to high school and making font magic in an episode that’s got milk—just not in an officially licensed form.

About the guest

Lizy Gershenzon is a co-founder and owner of Future Fonts. She leads product design for the platform. During the last 10 years she has been a partner at Scribble Tone focusing on design and strategy for the creative community platforms Design Week Portland, XOXOfest, Story & Heart, and Marmoset Music. She also contracts at Instrument working on digital products. She considers design a power to promote ideas and help communities. That is why she chooses her projects carefully and works on products she believes in. Lizy likes to be active and enjoys tennis, yoga, and hiking. She also enjoys cooking healthy meals, and is very into soup.

You can find Future Fonts and their HyperText at futurefonts.xyz. You can find Lizy and Travis’ type design studio Vectro Type Foundry at vectrotype.com!

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