Now You See Me Too As Well (”Fontroversy” Crossover with Lena Hall)Now You See Me Too As Well (”Fontroversy” Crossover with Lena Hall)

Now You See Me Too As Well

Lena Hall

Lena Hall of Fontroversy is on Did I Do That?! Or Sean Schumacher is on Fontroversy!? We’re all mixed up because it’s a Did I Do That?-Fontroversy acoustic universe crossover spectacular to kick off one of those shows’ fourth season!

The two hosts sit down to talk about the process behind getting Fontroversy off the ground, as well as Lena’s Fallout Boy audition outfit, the rat's nest, and the Wizarding World of Woody Harrelson.

You can find more about Lena ’s work on their Instagram, @ps.its.lena. They are indeed graduating soon and you should absolutely hire them! You can view Lena's font horoscopes for the both of us here!

This episode was recorded Saturday, February 3, 2024 in the Rat’s Nest.

Special thanks to the entire team that made Fontroversy possible: Lea Thompson, Lena Hall, Malia Masterson, Whitney McPhie, Ashley Heeke, Sophia Stoker, Anna Stanton, Hannah Joseph, Sophia Mick, Mette Voldengen, Milos Dugas, Freya Kargard, Robert Ditty, Izzy Gavaza, Dana Ives, Kaitlyn Casey, Aline Chercover, and Orion Cortez.

Closing Music/The Fontroversy Theme: “How Can Things Be” by Holizna

Feb 22, 2024