Custodian of the Moon (with Pamela Rounis)Custodian of the Moon (with Pamela Rounis)

Custodian of the Moon

Pamela Rounis

Did I Do That? is back—it’s got aches and pains, but it's also got magic! Pamela Rounis (Creative Director at Rethink) joins Sean to talk fishpacking for art majors, space sausage, and the least successful entry in the Air Bud franchise.

You can find Pamela on Instagram (@pamrounis) and Twitter (@pamelarounis).

You can find SADMAG, as well as the SADCAST, at The show is great, and Pamela’s run is full of heartfelt and funny conversations with some of the best creative folks in Vancouver. Give it a listen!

This episode was recorded in the offices of Rethink in Vancouver, BC, Canada on August 12, 2022.

Aug 25, 2022