At Least That's What My Friend Said (with Brandon Hrycyk)At Least That's What My Friend Said (with Brandon Hrycyk)

At Least That's What My Friend Said

Brandon Hrycyk

Brandon Hrycyk (illustrator and host of XRAY FM’s “A Century of Slang”) joins Sean to talk about Beautiful Bean Bucket Hats, regionalisms, and the dangers of volunteering for an art project. It’s bizarre and beautiful and so much fun!

You can hear A Century of Slang every Saturday night from 5-6 pm PST on XRAY FM. If you’re wanting that warm terrestrial radio experience, why not tune your FM dial to 107.1 or 91.1 in Portland, or 91.7 in Nehalem. If you’re outside of the Portland metro area or just want to listen in whenever your want, go to and you can hear the whole back catalog. It’s a great, fun show—go listen and support local media!

You can see Brandon’s own work out there at, or on Instagram at @bhrycyk. That’s also where you can find all the promo art for “A Century of Slang” too—give it a follow!

This episode was recorded on Monday, August 28, 2023.

Oct 5, 2023