A limited-run series about the stories behind the fonts that just aren't quite our type, hosted by Lena Hall. Produced by Sean Schumacher (Did I Do That? podcast) and created by the students of the Spring 2023 Public Design Communication course from PSUGD, part of the Portland State University School of Art Design.

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Wingdings: Cheugy Emoji?

When Wingdings becomes a sore subject around the studio, Lena and Sean turn to guest expert Lea Thompson to help settle once and for all what good those dingbats are for.

Researcher: Lena Hall
Story Editor: Malia Masterson
Segment Producer: Lea Thompson

This episode was recorded Tuesday, May 23, 2023.


Fontroversy was created by the students of DES 399 Public Design Communication in the Spring of 2019 as part of Portland State University’s Graphic Design program in Portland, Oregon. You can learn more about PSUGD at You can learn more about the PSU School of Art+Design at

Host: Lena Hall
Show Art: Robert Ditty
Social Media: Ashley Heeke
Producer: Sean Schumacher
Editorial Assistance by: Orion Cortez
Music: “How Can Things Be” by

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